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These aftermarket paint spray tips directly replace 134-5xx-xx7 or 134.5xx.xx7.

Our high quality NON-OEM aftermarket tips comparable to KREMLIN® air-assisted airless double groove spray tips are used with air-assisted airless gun models, ATX™, AVX™, MVX™, and XCITE®.  Whether you require our standard paint spray tips, fine finish pre-atomizer tips, or asymmetrical tips for your air-assisted sprayer, you can find the right paint spray tips to solve all your fluid handling requirements.  With our wide selection of aftermarket AIRMIX® spray tips, you will always achieve a soft spray atomization in various spray patterns and orifice combinations.  

Kremlin® Airmix® asymmetrical spray tips  are used for ATX and AVX automatic guns.  These sprayer tips were developed to spray on drums and gas bottles. The asymmetrical shape guarantees an even coating when you spray from the side at 60° (not perpendicular).  Optimal spray quality starting from 50 bar (725 psi).  Tungsten carbide tips are used for the longest possible lifetime.  These paint spray tips directly replace 134-5xx-xx7 or 134.5xx.xx7.

If spraying perpendicular is required to apply your coating, try either of the below air assisted airless tips.

Kremlin standard compatible tips -  A standard tip has only one orifice and is great for coatings with higher viscosity like metal coatings and latex paints.  
Kremlin ultra fine finish sprayer tips - An ultra fine finish tip has two orifices and produces more atomization at a lower pressure, which helps to reduces overspray.  Ultra tips are ideal for thinner materials like lacquers and wood stains.

KREMLIN®, AIRMIX®, and Xcite® are registered trademarks of Sames Kremlin SA or Exel Industries SA, and the same companies may claim unregistered trademark rights in other words. The advertised parts are intended to fit KREMLIN® and Xcite® spray equipment. They are not, however, manufactured, endorsed, or sponsored by Sames Kremlin SA or Exel Industries SA or any of their affiliates, and no warranty by Sames Kremlin SA, Exel Industries SA, or any of their affiliates applies. KM Coating, Inc. is not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by Sames Kremlin SA or Exel Industries SA and is not one of their authorized distributors.

OEM Part No.:  
134-506-097, 134-506-117, 134-509-097, 134-509-137, 134-509-157, 134-509-117, 134-512-097, 134-512-117, 134-514-097, 134-514-117, 134-514-137
134.506.097, 134.506.117, 134.509.097, 134.509.137, 134.509.157, 134.509.117, 134.512.097, 134.512.117, 134.514.097, 134.514.117, 134.514.137

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Sames Kremlin Equivalent 134-5xx-xx7, 134.5xx.xx7
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