A leader in advanced paint applicators, Wagner Spraytech USA

A leader in advanced paint applicators for the surface treatment industry, Wagner SprayTech USA, has a wide assortment of airless spray equipment.  Regardless of your fluid dynamics needs, the right finishing equipment will be readily available for any job you may have; whether that may be contractor airless spray painting, industrial applications or fine finish work. 


The 3,300 PSI pressure range is the most common for your professional airless paint sprayer and high pressure hose.  These Wagner Procoat airless paint sprayers will deliver performance while allowing for portability, making them very popular among painting contractors and maintenance departments.  Whether you decide to invest in an electric piston pump such as Procoat 9145, Procoat 9155 or Procoat 9175, just to name a few, or prefer the gas engine piston pump Procoat 9185G, you will always accomplish your goal regardless of the airless paint sprayer you choose.  To complement these Wagner airless paint sprayers, our high pressure contractor hoses will certainly help to solve all your fluid handling requirements.


The industrial spray painting projects that need a little more pressure than the average contractor hose, our heavy duty hoses can easily apply the industrial coating safely and easily.  We carry several options of industrial hoses up to 10,000 PSI for those big projects such as painting water towers, railcars, sports arenas and much more.  Solving your fluid dynamics requirements has never been so easy with your industrial paint sprayer and our industrial airless paint sprayer hose.


When a fine finish spray coating is required to complete the job at hand, the Wagner air assisted airless spray equipment can help solve your fluid handling needs.  The powerful and versatile Puma 28-40 Aircoat piston pump will achieve only the best results and in combination with the Wagner AC 4600, you deliver a soft fine finish spray coating.  


Several paint spray accessories will enhance the operators painting experience as well as create an improved spray coating.  An essential accessory are the Wagner gun handle filters, which are available in four mesh sizes and color coded for easy identification.  Finally, an upgrade that should be made to every Wagner spray gun is one of our high pressure gun swivels.  Each swivel will allow free movement in difficult to access areas, provide a kink free hose section and reduce tension on the paint’s wrist allowing them to become more efficient with their time and finishing equipment.

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