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PTFE Hose, Hydraulic Hose Assemblies and Rubber High Pressure Hose

KM Coating distributes a variety of high pressure hose including paint spray hose, PTFE hose, sewer jetting hose, rubber hose and thermoplastic hydraulic hose assemblies.  With fluid mechanics in mind, only top quality hoses and fittings are used to always achieve fine finish results.  Not only can we supply you with high pressure flexible hose in all the popular sizes but we can customize your pressure hose to any length or fitting configuration needed to solve all your fluid handling requirements.  If maintaining your professional finishing equipment is important to you, save time and money by replacing your stainless steel braided hose, industrial hose, airless paint sprayer hose and much more online at KM Coating Inc.

Airless Paint Sprayer Hose and Air Assisted Airless Spray Hose

Specializing in the surface treatment industry we can supply you with high pressure hose for your Wagner airless paint sprayer, Graco airless paint sprayer and Kremlin air assisted airless spray equipment all at largely discounted prices.  Whether you will be using your spray hose for industrial spray painting or air assisted airless purposes for fine finish results, you can always find the right paint spray hose to resolve all your fluid dynamics needs.  By supplying 1/8” ID whip hoses to 3/4" ID airless paint sprayer hoses, applying a stain or lacquer to even the most viscous spray coating is simple and easy.   

Airless Spray Tips, Paint Filters and Fine Finish Tip Cleaning Needles

Top quality airless paint sprayer tips, air assisted airless spray tips and tip accessories available online at KM Coating.  Shop our wide selection of paint filters in various mesh sizes to always keep your finishing equipment operating at peak performance.  In addition, we offer live gun swivels compatible with your Graco airless spray gun, Wagner spray gun and Kremlin air assisted airless spray gun.  Each swivel will turn easily under high pressure and relieve tension in the wrist of the painter from the first spray to the last.