The leader in the surface treatment industry, Graco Inc

The leader in the surface treatment industry, Graco Inc., has professional finishing equipment for a wide variety of applications.  Whether your fluid handling requirements are for small contractor projects, heavy-duty industrial applications or air assisted airless jobs, for the most fine finish work, you can find some of the best performing equipment around.


The most commonly used pressure range with your airless paint sprayer and high pressure hose.  This 3,300 PSI maximum working pressure allows for a small, compact airless paint sprayer, while applying a quality finish.  Whether you opt in for the electric airless sprayers such as 390 PC, Ultra 395 PC or Ultra Max II 595 PC Pro, just to name few, or demand maximum power with one of the gas powered airless sprayers GH 130, GH 300, GMAX 3400 or GMAX II 7900, you will never be disappointed with the airless paint sprayer you choose.  To complement your 3,300 PSI paint sprayer, one of our contractor whip hoses or supply hoses will certainly solve all your fluid dynamic requirements.


Airless spray painting jobs that need that little extra PSI requirement for a big industrial project such as painting bridges, ships, stadiums, storage tanks and water towers, just to name a few. Graco offers several airless paint sprayers for this exact situation including several pumps in the GH Series Big Rig Sprayers.  In addition, when paired with KM Coatings heavy duty hoses, you can easily apply the industrial coating safely.  We carry high pressure hose up to 10,000 PSI to work with any airless paint sprayers on the market. 


When only the best quality and fine finish spray coating with do, Graco air assisted airless spray equipment can help with that.  Graco offers several pumps for this occasion such as FinishPro 395, FinishPro II 595 and Merkur Air-Assisted Pumps, just to name a few.  In addition, one can maximize efficiency and quality with either the Graco G15 or G40 air assisted airless spray guns.  In combination with our fine finish air assisted airless tips, which will improve transfer efficiency and is designed for a soft spray coating, you can certainly solve all your fluid handling requirements simply and easily.


Several key accessories will help to keep the operator as well as your Graco equipment operating at peak performance.  Our high pressure swivels for hoses and guns will help to provide a kink free hose section while allowing free movement to get into those difficult to access areas. Ultimately, this will reduce tension on the painter’s wrist allowing them to be more efficient.  Another important item is tip cleaning needles. These fine finish tip broaches will help to clean even the smallest of tip sizes allowing a clean, quality spray each and every time.  In addition, other popular accessories include paint filters, couplings and adaptors, and spray tips.

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