The Experts in Paint Spray Finishing and Dispensing Solutions, Exel North America

The experts in fine finish paint spray finishing equipment and dispensing solutions, Exel North America, has quality finishing equipment for the ultimate in fine finish results. When your fluid handling requirements are for only the best quality, look no further than Kremlin air assisted airless paint spray equipment.

Air Assisted Airless Finishing Equipment

When only the most fine finish spray coating will do, Kremlin air assisted airless spray equipment can certainly help with that. Exel North America offers several different pumps for a variety of different circumstances. Whether it is the 08.120 pump for circulating and large production, 10.25 GT pump which is ideal for water-based and high solids materials or the 20.220F FLOWMAX pump for high output, you can always find exactly what you need for the job. In addition, when combined with either the MVX or XCITE spray guns, one can maximize the efficiency of their airmix setup.

High Pressure Hose and Spray Tips

High pressure hose is an essential part in transporting the spray coating to its destination. For a flexible yet durable paint spray hose, the most common 3/16” ID by 25’ Kremlin air assisted airless hose is ideal for most applications. Paired with stainless steel fittings, you will have no problems with a wide variety of spray coatings on the market. Additional inside diameter hoses available such as 1/8” ID airless hose for when a very thin spray coating is being used and 1/4" ID paint hose for the thicker options.

Quality Kremlin double notch air assisted airless spray tips are the next essential part in your airmix system. These spray tips with improve transfer efficiency and is designed to achieve a soft spray coating. These Kremlin air assisted airless tips come in a wide variety of different fan patterns and orifice combinations so choosing the right tip can be challenging at times; however, when selecting the proper spray tip for the job, you will certainly solve all of your fluid dynamic requirements simply and easily.


Several imperative accessories will help to keep the operator as well as your Kremlin finishing equipment operating at peak performance. Our high pressure gun swivel will help in providing a kink free hose while allowing easy mobility into those difficult to access areas. Ultimately, this will help to reduce tension on the painter’s wrist allowing them to work easier and be more efficient with their time. Another essential accessory is tip cleaning needles. These tip broaches will help to clean even the smallest of paint spray tips allowing them to remain in tip top shape. In addition, other popular accessories include paint filters, couplings and adaptors.

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