Smooth Bore PTFE HoseOur stainless steel hose is widely used due to its various applications. This PTFE hose has a 0.30 minimum wall thickness polytetrafluoroethylene core and a 304 stainless steel braid. With excellent chemical resistance and temperature characteristics it can be seen applying a large variety of spray coatings as well as transferring hydraulic oils, gas, chemicals and steam. It meets or exceeds the application standard SAE J517 – 100R14 and is available in 3/16” ID to 1” ID to simply solve your fluid dynamics needs. If a larger sized diameter hose is required, you may need to try one of our convoluted PTFE hoses for that extra flow rate.

Our stainless steel braided hose has a smooth inner tube which provides for easy assembly, fast flow and with the lowest coefficient of friction or non-stick properties, it allows for the transfer of materials with minimal fluid resistance. If your temperature requirements range as low as -65°F (-54°C) or up to 500°F (260°C) then our PTFE hose is certainly the recommended choice to solve your fluid handling needs. This stainless steel flexible hose is sold per foot, comes packaged in randomized lengths and is subject to a 15% +/- variance in quantity shipped. Contact one of our hose specialists and enquire about our palletized discounted rate.

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