KM Coating is a distributor of a wide range of high pressure hose, such as, paint spray hose, sewer jetting hose, rubber hose, PTFE hose, as well as many other thermoplastic hydraulic hoses. Specializing in the surface treatment industry, we deliver such accessories as airless spray tips, Graco fine finish tipslive gun swivelspaint filters and more. Not only can we supply you with high pressure hose in all the popular sizes but we can provide customized paint spray hose and hydraulic hose assemblies for your fluid dynamics needs.

Paint Hose


If maintaining your professional finishing equipment is important to you and you need to replace those expendable items, why not save time and money by ordering online from us. With the knowledge of fluid mechanics, our high pressure hose have reached a broad range of applications, so whether you seek Graco airless paint sprayer hose, Wagner airless paint sprayer hose or Kremiln air assisted airless paint sprayer hose, KM Coating has the right item for the job.

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