Specialty High Pressure Hose

Stainless Steel Braided Hose

Our stainless steel hose has excellent flexibility and is designed for confined potentially explosive atmospheres. This stainless steel braided hose ensures full surface conductivity and provides excellent resistance to paints, solvents and chemicals. In addition, we offer this stainless steel flexible hose among our other high pressure hose in customized lengths for any of your fluid dynamic needs.

Air Assisted Airless Welded Twin Hose

Equipped on an air assisted airless paint sprayer, our KMW23 high pressure hose series is a welded twin hose comprised of a 3/16” airless paint sprayer hose and a 1/4" pneumatic hose. Each hose is color coded for easy identification and can be used with your Graco air assisted airless spray gun and Wagner spray gun.

Teflon Core Hose

KM Coating offers a wide variety of specialty hoses designed for your airless paint sprayer or air assisted airless paint sprayer. Our PTFE hose with a thermoplastic cover is available in 1/8” ID to 1/2" ID and is rated up to 5,000 PSI. This Teflon core hose is able to be used in extremely high and low temperatures and chemically resistant of all common solvents including acids and bases. Teflon can be seen applying a large selection of spray coatings and is required for when harsh chemicals are being used.


The teflon hose series has excellent characteristics both in extreme high and low temperatures. It is chemically resistant of all common solvents including acids and bases. Easy to clean due to a non-contamination property. Has the lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer and resists deterioration.

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