Low Pressure Guns

While choosing between the HVLP and LVLP might look a little complicated, understanding the following differences will be quite helpful.

1. Minimal Operating Pressure

The most obvious difference between these two tools is the minimum pressure required to operate them. This should be pretty clear from their names.

2. Fan Width

While both spray guns will deliver decent fan pattern ranges, the LVLP types are a bit smaller. For most users, this is not a deal-breaker, but it is worth noting that it can increase the time it takes to paint a particular surface.

3. Transfer Efficiency

When it comes to transfer efficiency, the LVLP has an edge. Most models will deliver up to 80% transfer efficiency, which means that there will be less paint flying all over. Therefore, there will be less likelihood of getting paint in the wrong places, and this will also be a more environment-friendly spray gun.

4. Ease and Convenience of Use

HVLP spray guns have been around much longer, and so they have been tried and tested enough which means they are more likely to give you an easier time. Better yet, there are more helpful resources on their use, and so in case you are having any difficulties, it will be easier to get help and support.

5. Best For


Starting with the HVLP spray guns, these will be perfect for inexperienced users and hobbyist’s projects given their relatively slower spraying.

Also, these tend to waste a little more material and will not be very ideal for professional users that require something more efficient as they can raise the overall project cost significantly.

With HVLP, you will also need relatively larger air compressors which can limit where you use them as it will make them less portable. And this means that it will work better around the home than at different job sites.


LVLP spray guns will come with a steeper learning curve given that they are not very common. Hence they will not be very ideal for beginners and hobbyists that do not have enough experience using these tools.

Instead, these spray guns will be more appropriate for professionals given that they can use almost any air compressor, including the small units which allow users to have more portable tools.

These spray guns will also allow for relatively faster spraying which means professionals get to finish the job faster. And because they also provide better transfer efficiency, they will be more cost-saving than the HVLP.


Both the HVLP and LVLP spray guns are top-notch quality and will be very useful for different applications. When picking between them it will depend on the specific tasks the user will look to accomplish.

For regular DIYers and beginners looking for something easier to use and does not take a lot of effort to master, HVLP will be a good buy.

But, if you are a professional that prefers something that paints faster and offers more paint transfer efficiency, the LVLP spray guns will be more appropriate.

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